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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Any old Police Dog stories?

A request from Marilyn Walton, author of 'Badge on My Collar (subject of previous post)

My book, entitled Badge on My Collar--A Chronicle of Courageous Canines, has enjoyed a spectacular success, far beyond my expectations, ranking as high as #6 on's Top 100 New Animal Books for three months and has showed up on nearly 100 websites around the world. The USPCA sells it on their website for raise money, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police use it as a prize in their annual "Name the Puppy Contest." This was my eighth book. It was so kind of you to put it on your blogsite.

As a result of its success, I am considering writing a sequel to the book. I have written about many kinds of working K9s before, but I have not received any stories about UK police dogs. I am looking for poignant stories about the dogs. I look for the humorous, the unusual and the memorable kinds of stories that people like to read and ones that showcase these dogs and their specialties. I also include a few pictures of each dog I profile. I have to admit the picture of the dog on your website wearing the boots would make a cute cover picture if I get many international stories. I can't believe the reception this book has gotten in the UK and also Australia. Yesterday someone posted it in Bulgaria, and I have heard from people in Tasmania!

I would love to hear some UK stories, and if any handlers would like to submit them to me for consideration, I would be most glad to receive them. They could be emailed to me at see e-mail contact link front page