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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
Ready for action

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nottinghamshire Police Dog Course at the Guide Dog School, Leamington Spa

Visit to the R.N.I.B training centre Leamington Spa Circa 197?
Dave Houldsworth with dog, Steve Cree, Fred Lowe and a Handler from Norfolk.
Thanks for this from Tony Barnett.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Metropolitan Police Dog Section - Pc Bert Sayers

Newspaper cutting dated 17 September 1954 "PC "Buster" joins Finchley Police.
A new arrival to take up his duties at Finchley police stations is freshly trained, keen as mustard on police work - and answers to the name of "Buster". But he will only respond to one man who knows him very well, because "Buster" is a young golden-brown Alsatian, and the only person he takes orders from is PC Albert Sayers, his handler. They both came from Hendon this week and will work together tackling crime in Finchley.
They were well known locally as they of course were on foot in those days!

The other three were taken at Keston for The Daily Sketch, possibly early 1970's

Comment from and published with the kind permission of his daughter Nuala
After the "Babes in the Wood" case, my Father trained the Met's human remains dogs (called body dogs then!), I came home from school and found pig carcasses in the garage, I even helped him bury a few of them. Also helped him train the dogs to find gun's etc. No one can say my childhood was boring! My Dad trained the dogs that found the bodies (including President Sedat's brother) after the October wars.