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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
Ready for action

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nottinghamshire Police Dog Section recruiting German Shepherds

The force is looking to recruit a number of German Shepherds under two-years-old to join the fight against crime.
The dogs, which can be male or female, will be assessed to check their suitability. If successful they may become an essential part of tracking down criminals and helping to detect crime.
If the donated dogs fail to pass the tests the force can return them to their owner or rehome them with a suitable family.
PC Leigh Whitehead said: "There may be members of the public who have a young German Shepherd who they would consider donating to us to train up as a police dog. If so, we would love to put them through their paces to see if they can become part of our team.
"All our dogs live with their dog handlers and build a bond like no other. If anyone would be kind enough to donate their young dogs to us, we will gladly take them and hopefully they can pass the test and help us catch criminals and make life better for everyone."
For more information contact PC Leigh Whitehead or Andy Pickersgill on 101.