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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Electric training collars

I see that the ban has now been passed in Wales. Another knee jerk reaction by politicians without a proper study, No doubt more dogs will now be destroyed!
I just hope that the rest of the UK sees sense.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Banning the use of the 'electric collar' as a training aid.

I sometimes despair at those who are against the use of the electric collar as a training aid.
I am totally against its 'ban' which is currently being voted upon by politicians in Wales.
In short, I question those who can allegedly totally cure a dog from the ingrained habit of fighting, biting or chasing using 'happy methods', clickers etc etc. It is hard to stop aggression especially if the dog already has a history.
Not everyone can afford the sometimes costly and time consuming professional assistance and invariably the problem dog is taken to the Veterinary for the final cure.
The use of any aid which is quick, effective and prevents possible injuries and death to both human or other animals, surely has its place!
I have seen evidence of most training methods and, in my opinion, the electric collar is an excellant aid if used correctly and as a last resort. I am aware of a number of dogs that are happy, friendly and a pleasure to be with in the company of people, but until a collar was used the owners were at their wits end due to the propensity to fight and attack other dogs. These dogs are still alive and now well behaved, be it in fear or not.
It should not be banned.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Police dog stories and Police career in the USA

Please use this link for a website on Police albeit in the USA but it does include a story about a UK Police Dog Handler in Nottinghamshire!! with a link from