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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
Ready for action

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Badge on my Collar 11

I am proud to be included in the new book by the American author Marilyn Jeffers Walton and now having received a signed copy I can more than recommend it as an excellent read for all dog lovers.
ISBN:978-1-4389-9511-3 (sc)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A history of Leicester/shire Police Dogs

With thanks to Dave Simpson (once again)

The dogs and handlers that are listed, date from 1944 to 1982.
The details were provided by several members of the Dog Section who are now retired.
A question mark shows where a dog’s name is not remembered.
Harry Clements. ? (1943)
Tony Wain. Boots. (Lab)
Ron Wass. Rusty 1.
Barrie Swain. Rusty 2. Alex. Shane.
Dave Simpson. Rusty 1. Copper. Buck. Prince.
Ben Farrar. Mayne. Luke. Ross. ?
Alan Jackson. Rowan.
Alan Morris. Alexander. Blue.
Keith Welsh. Major. Hanz.
Don Moore. Monty. Rebel.
Dave Warsop. Steel. Ringo. Max.
Doug Stuart. Kim. Fergus.
Jim Cattermole. Alexander.
Barrie Fisher. Rickey. Duke. Lance.
Dave Ralph. King. Ace.
John Spencer. Jason.

Dennis Hills. Monty. Juno.
Brian Elliot. Jake. (unable to name his 1st dog)
Derek Johnstone. Tammy. Sabre.
Roy Burditt. Santa, Jet.
Andy Bains. Kelly. ?
Bill Prothero. Shane.
Mike Hurrell. Cobber. Bryn.
Fred Powell. Sandy. Rinty.
Tony Kelly. Bosun. Glen.
John Mawson. ?

Rod Ashby. Baron.
Ron Batchelor. Blitz.
Bruce Seymour. Troy. Tan.
Bill Wallace. ?
Harry Bartlett. Chance.
Brian Bradford. Baron.
Steve Barsby. ?
Colin Reynolds. ?
Alan Doores. Nicky & Deno.
John Lovett. ?
John Alexander. Boris.
John Pester. Blue. Jake.
Lee George. Bulla. ?
Steve Jeffrey. Bruno. Blue.
Bob Talbot. Ross. Boris. Rocky.
Barrie Ashton. Kaz. Jet (Lab)
Alan Walton. Fred.
Haydon Adams. Rebel. Sam. (Lab)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Case against Nottinghamshire Police Dog Handler

The case of police dog handler, Mark Johnson, accused of allegedly leaving two of his German Shepherds to die in the back of his car his car, was today adjourned until November.
He did not appear at a hearing at Nottingham Magistrates' Court this afternoon, having been declared unfit to attend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Palestine Police history, thanks to Tony Moore

A series of Palestine pictures which shows all the different departments of the Palestine Police. Shown are the Mounted Branch, Camel Corps, Port & Marine, Dog Section, CID, Armoured Mobile Force, British Section, Palestine Section (comprised of both Jewish & Arabs) and goodness knows what else. They are shown on parade at the Mt. Scopus Depot. The pictures were taken around 1943.

At the end of the British Mandate (May 1948) the Police Force was evacuated out, just prior to them leaving the remaining handlers had to shoot all the dogs that were left.

Picture below shows British Inspector Jack Ritchie, British Sgt Bill Warner & British Sgt Bill Cumming. Bill Warner was the first OC of the Kenya Dog Section in 1948, Bill Cumming succeeded him in 1962. Warner, Cumming and another handler Angus Montgomery went to Nairobi in late 1948 and established the Kenya Police Dog Section. They were joined by another Palestine Police handler Donald Fraser in 1953.

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Palestine Police

Circa 1938

With thanks to Tony Moore