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Police Dog Rudi

Police Dog Rudi
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coppers Channel 4 programme

Anyone watching the Channel 4 programme Coppers, Monday 20 February 2012, Nottinghamshire Police Dog Section will have seen Steve Abbott relate to the fact that his worst injury was being bitten on the testicles. This was around 20 years ago. My Police Dog Laser, for no apparent reason went up to Steve, bit him and then turned and came back to me. We were not in a training situation and he had done nothing to provoke it. It did take him to his knees and he was bruised for months.
An accident, a moment of lack of control, I was to blame. Dogs are dogs no matter what and the unexpected can always happen. Steve did eventually forgive me but I don't know about Laser.

I do worry about these 'fly on the wall' programmes!


  1. Having watched channel 4 Coppers dated 23rd February 2012, Could you tell me if? there's an officer of dog handling section who would like a "pen-pal" who is very, very much an animal lover i.e. German Shepards, animals in general but, who owned a German Shepard who was my loyal friend/soul mate/companion and still is, however, through a nasty divorce and ill-health then, had to let my best friend live with my daughter who also owns Shepards and Let'a my best friend is treated as a sister to them and the best part is, when i visit my daughter Let'a still has the bond with me.

  2. I can only suggest that you write to the individual Police Dog Sections.